SpamCheck performs queries to major dns based blacklists throughout the internet to find out if the given ip is blacklisted, if so it will show the list`s name, method of removal and other usefull information.

SpamCheck is usefull for anyone who owns a server or maintaine one.

Whats a dns based blacklist (dnsbl) ?
nowdays most spammers take
advantage of hacked servers or misconfigured ones (open relays)..
a blacklist is a list with ip addresses that are abusive, a dns based blacklist is a blacklist that works via dns protocol for better performance and speed.
Most mail servers throughout the world use dnsbls, if you are blacklisted they will deny your server`s e-mail traffic!
that are many types of blacklists starting with open relays, user comment based,
ip ranges, integrity based etc..

[i] currently
     checks over 300 dnsbls!

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